Honey Oat Black Tea Latte

Crafted with Organic Breakfast Tea and Naturally Sweetened with Honey

The Honey Oat Black Tea Latte is made with Blenz Signature Breakfast Blend black tea, balanced with layers of flavour from malty and bitter to fruity and citric notes. Enhanced with a touch of honey and the creaminess of frothy steamed oat milk, it’s a sensational symphony of flavors waiting to dance on your taste…

Allergen Notice

With milk modifications drink may contain these allergens


In Partnership with Planet Bee Honey Farm

Proudly partnering with Planet Bee Honey Farm, a family-owned honey farm in Vernon, BC, the unpasteurized Honey that we use is packed with health benefits and rich in antioxidants, it may improve digestion, blood sugar level maintenance, and soothes inflammation.

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