Premium and Authentic Ingredients

Globally sourced and loved by the community – come taste what sets Blenz Coffee apart.

The Craft in Every Cup

For over 30 years, Blenz continues to innovate when it comes to beverages. We take pride in our ingredients–from our signature espresso, our top-grade organic matcha, our organic whole-leaf teas, and our single-origin Colombian Chocolate, we truly believe in serving you a smile in every sip.

Premium Flavours

From our 100% arabica beans and rich-flavoured chocolates to our high-grade ceremonial matcha, we carefully consider each flavour profile at the highest standard.

Quality Preparation

Every cup is unique, but each one of them has been made to perfection. We craft our drinks using tried-and-true procedures while catering to each guest’s personal preferences.

Our Espresso

Our espresso is smoother and sweeter than traditional blends. Years of fine-tuning our proprietary blend and profile have made our espresso unique to Blenz.

Our signature blend is full-bodied, provides a delicate balance of acidity, produces perfect crema with every pour, and finishes the palate with a lingering sweet taste.

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Our Chocolate

We’ve sourced only the finest cocoa and have partnered with a family-owned Chocolatier from Colombia. Our Single-Origin Colombian chocolates are proprietary and specially formulated to make the best Hot Chocolate that comes in three chocolate varieties – milk, dark and white chocolate. Blenz has won numerous awards and recognition for its quality and decadent taste of hot chocolates.

Decadent as it is nostalgic, our hot chocolates are made with Single-Origin Colombian chocolate chips melted with hot silky steamed milk. A single sip of our hot chocolate will conjure up fond memories and sweeten your soul.

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Our Matcha

Hand-picked, shade-grown, and stone-milled in the Jeju Islands of South Korea, our matcha is 100% organic – and the highest grade matcha available. Our matcha is packed with good-for-you antioxidants, sugar-free, and no fillers. Its catechin contents give a natural “zen-energized” caffeine boost without jitters or crash.

Did you know Blenz Coffee invented the Matcha Latte™? Blenz has owned that trademark since 2003 and has prepared matcha in the most authentic and traditional way by dissolving matcha using a bamboo whisk.

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Our Whole Leaf Teas

We proudly offer the highest quality, certified organic, whole-leaf teas from around the world. Our organic tea leaves are all-natural, Fair Trade, and do not contain any artificial flavours or ingredients.

We offer a variety of caffeine strengths, aromatics, and tasting notes—our signature Earl Grey is infused with bergamot oil from Italy!

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Fluffy and buttery croissants

Our Food

Blenz boasts a variety of savoury foods and sweets, from sandwiches to baked goodies! In recent years we’ve formed dedicated partnerships with local food providers.

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