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Professionalism meets artistry when you’re a Blenz Franchise Partner. We’re always looking for passionate, outgoing individuals who will find happiness, success and satisfaction in running their own business with us. Ready to make an impact?

The craft in every cup

From our authentic premium ingredients to our barista expertise, we put craft into every aspect of our products. Our baristas produce exceptional beverages with the tools, experience, and maker’s mark. Each latte is a reflection of craftsmanship: perfectly steamed milk and balanced espresso, embellished with a unique latte art.

Community Figureheads

Our cafés aren’t just retail spaces for coffee, they are lively hubs for their communities—bringing neighbours and guests together. Our Franchisees and their teams are figureheads to provide a common space to listen, interact, and craft friendships. 

Opened Stores

Becoming a Blenz Franchise Partner is not possible without a great team to help put the pieces in the right places. In the last year, we have grown to 60 locations across BC and Alberta, view our outstanding new locations.


Hear from the franchisees themselves about their own personal journies!

    “Opening a Blenz Coffee Franchise has been a great fit for me and my family. I have the flexibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance and am proud to be able to serve delicious coffee and baked goods to my community. My cup is full!”

    Jennifer Szoo, Franchise Partner of Blenz in Fort St. John

    “Blenz Coffee provides a great opportunity for someone with a proven business model and a passion for assisting Franchise Partners in achieving their goals. Management assists every Franchise Partner and makes the coffee shop a success. Blenz according to me stands for great quality beverages and amazing work culture. I am very fortunate to be a part of this prestigious brand.”

    Efan, Franchise Partner of Blenz in HOpe Centre (North Vancouver, BC)

    “Our favourite thing about owning a Blenz Coffee shop is that we can meet great people every day! It’s a fun and relaxed working environment where we can serve specialty drinks and talk to each customer. We have enjoyed the opportunity to set and work towards our business goals.”

    Jin & Jamie, Franchise Partner of Blenz in Ackroyd Plaza (Richmond, BC)

    “From the moment I joined the Blenz family, I felt right at home. The experience and training supplied by the operations and marketing teams alongside the accounting support were all world-class. I’m already working with the team on opening more locations, and I can not wait.”

    Jay, Franchise Partner of Blenz on David & Bute St (Vancouver, BC) and Blenz in Steveston Village (Richmond, BC)

    “The innovation and creativity of Blenz products are what makes us unique. We serve the best quality drinks in the coffee industry. And we can get to know our customers on a personal level which creates a real sense of community in our store. People feel at home here, and that has made the experience rewarding and worthwhile.”

    Aman and Amrit, Franchise Partners of Blenz in Westbrook Village (Vancouver, BC)

    “I have been a part of the Blenz Team since 2011! It was my first job and I had never felt so welcomed into the working world. The owners, staff and customers became like family in no time. Once I decided that being a part of this franchise never felt like ‘work’, I knew I needed to step up my game and make a career out of it considering how happy I was while I was there. I had the best time staying in Vancouver for the training with HQ, each individual there is looking out for you and wants nothing but success for you and your future with Blenz. Team members from HQ have come down to my store and assisted me with hiring, training, and advertising my store all around town. They are an incredible group of people to work with, they listen and work with each franchisee to ensure they are content and things are running smoothly at each store. I have owned my store for just over 3 years now and am excited for the rest of my continued future with Blenz.”

    Ashlyn, Top Franchise Partner of 2022, Franchise Partner of Blenz in Penticton

    “Blenz Coffee is a great platform for me to achieve what I want. I strongly believe that a coffee shop is not just selling coffee or food, but an overall friendly and warm experience for all our customers. Coffee and food are just a way for us to deliver this experience. Blenz Coffee provides great quality drinks and is a well-known coffee brand within British Columbia, so all I have to focus on is how to provide exceptional customer service to all my customers. It’s been a wonderful journey since I join this team, and I wish you will feel the same way too.”

    Tommy You, Franchise Partner of Blenz in Maple Ridge

Why Blenz?

Reasons to Become a Blenz Franchise Partner

Whether you’re leaping into the independent venture world or looking for your next investment, Blenz is here for your perfect blend of business and artistry!

Award-winning handcrafted beverages

We take pride in our products. We dedicate time to craft amazing and innovative beverages with our premium ingredients – coffee beans, whole-leaf teas, matcha, and chocolates.

Brand Recognition

Our story began in 1992, with a single store on Robson Street in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. As a result of our early successes, we have created a unique atmosphere that customers gravitate toward and love.

Industry Leading Support

Get trained and supported by industry leaders with 30 years of experience.

Robust Training Program

Our program will equip you with all the tools to run a successful business, from brand knowledge, marketing, bookkeeping, and crafting beverages to building sales and getting involved in your community.

Longstanding Suppliers

We work with longstanding suppliers that provide us with the best cost pricing.

Product Innovators

We are the inventors of the Matcha LatteTM (Trademarked since 2001).

Best Locations

We have the flexibility in choosing locations.

Franchise Team

Becoming a Blenz Franchisee is not without a great team to put the pieces in the right place.

Mike Chapman

Director of Franchise Development | Master Franchise


Mike has been the Director of Franchise Development for Blenz since October 2019, previously leading our team as the Head of Operations since October 2017. Prior to joining the corporate side of Blenz, Mike owned and operated two Blenz locations between November 2013 and September 2017.

Prior professional experience includes Mike’s role as Head of Customer Service for NAAFI (Navy Army and Airforce Institute) UK, Germany, and Brunei for 7 years plus 15+ additional years of experience in the retail coffee industry as a business owner and store support at the head office level.

Today, Mike is proud to be stirring up new Blenz locations outside our home province of British Columbia with a focus on working with established and new area developers nationwide and internationally.

Jagdish Vaswani

Director – Franchise Operations | GTA, Ontario


Jagdish has joined the team as the Franchising Director for the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, bringing extensive experience in franchising and restaurant operations. As part of the Franchise 360 team who have been appointed as Area Developers for GTA area, he is pivotal in our expansion into Ontario. His background includes managing successful franchises across the Middle East, Nigeria, and South Africa, providing a robust foundation for his role in Ontario.

In his capacity as Franchising Director, Jagdish is dedicated to scouting passionate franchise candidates, guiding them from their initial inquiry through to the grand opening of their stores. His expertise ensures comprehensive support in site selection, signing agreements, and overseeing store construction followed by ongoing Franchisee operations and support.

Jagdish’s ability to develop innovative menus and create inviting restaurant spaces is invaluable as we introduce our coffee culture to a new market. His proven skills in team building and operational management are instrumental in fostering a network of coffee shops poised for success. Jagdish’s leadership not only drives franchise growth but also strengthens community ties, making him a key player in our expansion efforts.

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