Banana Loaf

Delectable and Moist

Indulge in our delectable banana loaf, a moist and flavourful treat made with ripe, handpicked bananas, perfectly blended with a medley of warm spices. This scrumptious loaf is ideal for breakfast, dessert or an anytime snack. Enjoy its naturally sweet taste and irresistible soft texture that will melt in your mouth and keep you coming…

Allergen Notice

New Dacarons™

In partnership with Earthling Foods

A delectable fusion of two French pastries: a dacquoise and macaron. They are airy, lightly crisp, and not-too-sweet almond meringue biscuits with naturally flavoured buttercream filling hand-piped between two biscuits. Gluten-free and available in dairy-free flavours.

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