Blenz Coffee is Expanding Presence in the Greater Toronto Area

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Blenz Coffee, a beloved Canadian coffee shop chain originally from Vancouver, BC, is set to expand its coffee experience to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) through a strategic partnership with a leading franchise development group, Franchise360. This collaboration is set to establish new Blenz Coffee locations across the GTA, infusing the most dynamic community hubs with an inviting, homely atmosphere and specialty coffee, tea, and chocolate beverages that Blenz Coffee is known to offer. 

With a rich history spanning more than three decades, Blenz Coffee offers high quality beverages and food, focusing on cultivating a space where community and comfort come together. The new expansion initiative in the GTA is a testament to Blenz’s commitment to consistently delivering a smile to people’s face, and a glow to their soul.

Every cup we serve is a conversation and a connection to our community. It’s a privilege to be a part of our guests’ daily rituals, and with Franchise 360, we’re excited to extend our reach and share our love for coffee and community throughout Toronto” said Matt Smith, Vice President of Blenz Coffee. “Blenz is not just about offering a drink, it’s about the experience that comes with it, the warmth and the knowledge that enriches every visit.

The partnership with Franchise360 ensures that new Blenz Coffee locations will encapsulate the essence of the brand’s unique approach to café culture. Each store will be a haven for coffee aficionados and tea lovers alike, a place where the soul is nourished as much as the palate.

We’re thrilled to join forces with Blenz Coffee, a brand that aligns with our philosophy of excellence and community focus,” said Aldrin Raphael Fernandes, President of Franchise 360 & Principal Area Developer, Blenz – GTA. “Blenz’s dedication to quality products and guest experience is something we admire, and we’re dedicated to bringing that to life across the GTA.

Anticipation brews as the first of the new Blenz Coffee shops is expected to open its doors late-summer of 2024, with several more locations in development for end of the year and into 2025. Each store will be designed to reflect Blenz’s signature homely ambiance, with comfortable lounge seating and stylish interiors that invite people to relax and indulge in their favourite beverages.

For more information about Blenz Coffee, new franchise opportunities in the GTA, or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Jagdish Vaswani
Director – Operations
Blenz Coffee – Area Developer – GTA, Ontario
Office: (647) 945-7999
Mobile: (647) 449-2278

Blenz Coffee is actively expanding and is currently searching for qualified Area Representatives in various regions throughout Canada. For more information, please contact:

Mike Chapman
Director of Franchise Development
Blenz Coffee
Mobile: (604) 768-7255

About Blenz Coffee

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Blenz Coffee has been crafting premium coffee, tea, and other specialty beverages since 1992. With a focus on using only the highest quality ingredients and providing a warm, homely atmosphere, Blenz has become a central hub within the communities it serves.

About Franchise 360

Franchise360, a group company of A R Business Brokers, is a franchise development group that partners with standout brands to facilitate their growth and success. With a focus on strategic expansion and long-term profitability, Franchise360 empowers franchisors to reach their full potential in competitive markets by offering their expertise, knowledge, and wealth of insights to finding the ideal franchise candidates. A R Business Brokers is a premier Business Brokerage and M&A Advisory firm headquartered in Toronto, specializing in assisting entrepreneurs who are seeking to exit or sell their businesses.

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