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Blenz and Earthling Foods Unite to Launch Gluten-Free Dacarons

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Blenz Coffee is excited to announce the partnership with Earthling Foods to launch Earthling’s Dacarons™ across all Blenz Coffee locations. Earthling Dacaron™ is a delectable fusion of two French pastries: a dacquoise and macarons! They are an airy, lightly crisp, and not-too-sweet almond meringue biscuit with naturally flavoured buttercream filling piped in-between two biscuits.

Each Earthling Dacaron™ is individually handmade, with the almond meringue biscuit and buttercream being hand piped. Dacarons™ are made using sweet rice flour, almond and nut flour instead of wheat, which makes this product gluten-free.

On top of this product being gluten-free, it is also free from any artificial flavouring or colouring, with all the flavours of the buttercream and biscuit being completely natural and handmade.

Blenz Coffee offers six Earthling Dacaron™ flavours:

  • Tahitian Vanilla Bean (dairy free)
  • Double Chocolate (dairy free)
  • Japanese Matcha (dairy free)
  • Blueberry Balsamic
  • Yuzu Citrus
  • Strawberry Cream

Get them in singles or choose from boxes of six or twelve Dacarons to enjoy with your loved ones. Visit Blenz today to experience all the delicious flavours. Share in the comments which flavour you’re planning to try!

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