Welcome to BLENZ COFFEE!

BLENZ COFFEE is a hot brand that just keeps growing. With nearly 70 stores and 20 years of experience, we are British Columbia’s largest franchised coffee shop chain. Along with our franchise partner, we were recently named Vernon’s “Best New Business.”

Armed with our hero beverages, new store designs and a teamwork approach, we have embarked on our next expansion program. We will be bringing the BLENZ COFFEE banner to all areas of Vancouver, BC and beyond. We want hardworking, passionate individuals who wish to operate their own exciting coffee business!

Control your Future

Today’s world could not be more uncertain. Unemployment continues to rise, the stock market continues to fall – down 8% in 2011 and your money sits in a savings account earning little to no interest. One or all of these factors will be pushing you to think differently about how you spend your time and energy to earn a solid return.

If you’re reading this, you’re already considering a very valuable option. Diversify. Take control of your future with BLENZ.

Seize the Opportunity

Consider this. Even in the face of economic uncertainty, consumers still demand their favourite affordable luxuries like premium coffee and tea. Canada’s coffee market is a $3 Billion Dollar industry. Coffee is still the most popular beverage in Canada – and second only to water, of all beverages consumed among adults 25 and older. And quality teas, not like the ones your Gran used to make, are also rapidly gaining in popularity. BLENZ premium coffees and teas are second to none.

It’s time to seize your opportunity to enjoy your lifestyle and profits with a successful BLENZ COFFEE franchise.

Become Part of the Team

Fulfill your long held dream to own your own business, and really be the Boss – without all the trial and error that goes into a new business venture. BLENZ already has the recipe to help you manage the risks and become a leader in your local business community.

BLENZ COFFEE shops are fun, fast paced social environments. They’re also a secure training ground for your children or even grandchildren to gain self reliance and pride as young entrepreneurs.

Our Franchise Partners tell their Story

“We love our business! Being part of BLENZ helps us showcase our own dedication to quality and consistency for all our customers. BLENZ is Canadian and we’re very proud of that.  The Company’s flexibility to research and develop a number of innovative drinks, like the Matcha Latte has made BLENZ a leader in the coffee industry and were enjoying the benefit of being part of that leadership.  BLENZ isn’t just a 9-5 job – it’s so much more than that … if it’s a rewarding experience people are after, BLENZ is definitely the right place to be! ” … Aman & Amrit Dhanoya – BLENZ COFFEE, Wesbrook Village


We want to be everywhere.

BLENZ has opportunities in both established and new markets we are making available for the first time. You can develop one store. Or you may wish to be considered for an Area Development opportunity to open several stores in a Territory. Typical stores costs range from $225,000 to $400,000, depending on store size.

To encourage qualified Candidates to open stores in new markets, ask us about franchise incentives.