Our History

BLENZ COFFEE opened its first store in February 1992 on the corner of Robson and Bute Street in Vancouver, British Columbia. The first BLENZ store was to be a testing ground to ensure that the concept and systems were strong enough to grow and compete with other international chains. The founders of BLENZ COFFEE are Brian Noble, Sarah Moen and Geoffrey Hair, each bringing their own personal strengths and combined bringing a wealth of business experience to BLENZ COFFEE.

The success of BLENZ COFFEE’S first store and the founders’ commitment to education and standards made franchising a natural choice. Today BLENZ now has 61 stores in British Columbia and also operates internationally in Japan and the Philippines.



Our Philosophy

BLENZ COFFEE is a premium retailer of hand crafted coffees, whole leaf teas, Belgian hot chocolate and other innovative and delicious specialty beverages. From the start, the founders of BLENZ COFFEE have always had a passion for quality.  This passion is reflected in our commitment to using only authentic, premium ingredients in our beverages.

All BLENZ beverages are made in-store from only the highest quality ingredients available. It is this commitment to serving quality beverages, prepared with care and attention by our highly trained baristas, in a warm and contemporary environment that has fuelled BLENZ COFFEE’S growth from its inception.



Our Products

BLENZ COFFEE are retailers of high quality whole bean coffees, beautiful whole leaf organic teas and premium Belgian chocolate beverages to name but just a few of our product offerings. We are experts at authentic preparation methods and pride ourselves on our handmade beverages.

We are not just purveyors of exciting and innovative beverages; we also offer a fabulous selection of baked goods, breakfast, lunch and snacks, among other delicious treats to tempt you. At BLENZ COFFEE we take a lot of pride in serving only authentic handmade products to our customers.