We’re Here To Support You

We will provide you with the tools and assistance you need to run your coffee shop. Joining Blenz gives you access to our Store Support Centre which is comprised of a team of dedicated staff who have a tireless passion for making our brand successful. We will support you in finding a suitable location that would be difficult to secure as an independent. We also offer a comprehensive training program to get you started and ongoing support to help you stay focused and on track.

Our innovative marketing department works hard to attract new customers, keep customers coming back, develop exciting new products and much more. Having branding and promotional support allows spend your time doing what you love to do: providing great customer service in your store and connecting with your local community. At Blenz, our strategy is to focus on being a part of each local community and, in turn, this helps us expand across the world.

You will also have an Operations Advisor who will work with you regularly to evaluate your store’s performance and identify opportunities for improvement. This person will be a key point of contact to help you solve challenges that arise in day-to-day business.