Stand Out In Specialty Coffee

The coffee industry is exceptionally large and has immense potential. Coffee is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world – 65% of Canadians drink coffee every single day. In specialty coffee, Blenz is a leading Canadian company.

We have been able to achieve this success through our award-winning drinks, personalized customer service and welcoming cafe atmosphere. This is why Blenz Coffee is a coffee shop name that has respect and recognition in the marketplace. Our customers are loyal to us because we offer a memorable experience and superior service. Our Blenz customers are everything to us so we go above and beyond to meet their needs.

The high quality and uniqueness of our drinks is another key pillar of our brand that helps us stand out from the competition. Our full menu of hot, cold and blended beverages offers something to suit any taste. We also have exclusive drinks like the Mochachillo that can’t be found at any other coffee shops. And we are firmly committed to innovation – we regularly develop new drinks and introduce original products to stay relevant and on trend.