Valentine’s Day, Blenz Coffee Style

Don’t know what to get for Valentine’s Day? We got ya covered.

Love Tea No. 7: Don’t personally know Cupid? No problem. Sip some Love Tea No. 7 and fall in love with this romantically floral rose petal Earl Grey infusion. It’s meant to tea.

Customizable Tumbler: A Valentine’s Day gift that’s personalized, affordable and holds your favourite drink. Write a message, put a picture (or whatever your heart desires) on the removable heart insert and you’re set. Bonus: every time your special someone uses the tumbler, they will think of how thoughtful you were on Valentine’s Day. Accumulating brownie points have never been so easy.

Thermos Bottle: Introducing Thermos Bottle 2.0. The thermos keeps your special someone’s drink warm forĀ  4 – 6 hours (!), because the drink is poured into the lid to sip it. It’s a great gift for the coffee or tea lover that sits at a desk all day (and really, what office worker doesn’t love coffee or tea?). Innovative, (very) useful, and fun: it’s the perfect gift. You can now sell their microwave because your Valentine won’t need to warm up their drinks anymore. On second thought, you might want to hold off on that one…

Chocolate Sauces: Valentine’s Day just isn’t Valentine’s Day without chocolate. But instead of giving your special someone a boring box of chocolates, give authentic French chocolate sauces, combined with organic fruit and handmade by Cocolico, a local Vancouver company. Add this chocolate to drinks, pastries, ice cream, or anything else…


February 08, 2014


So I could send one too myself!

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