Time to fall in love

It’s that time of year again for fall drinks, and boy-oh-boy do we have some exciting fall drinks for you this year!

Introducing the indulgent Cinnamon Bun Latte, the decadent Hazelnut Mocha and the comforting Spiced Chai Apple Cider.

Trust us, they taste even better than they sound. We had a lot of fun perfecting the drink recipes for you, and we know that you’ll fall in love with them, too. Allow us to elaborate: the Cinnamon Bun Latte is made with a handmade indulgence of comforting cinnamon, bold espresso, and sweet vanilla. The Hazelnut Mocha is a decadent fusion of the Blenz Belgian chocolate (that you already love) with premium espresso and roasted hazelnuts. Last but not least is the Spiced Chai Apple Cider – a comforting infusion of spicy chai and warm apple cider (we’re sorry if you’re now drooling).

These drinks are exclusive to Blenz for Fall 2014 – and they won’t be around for long – so try them before fall is over and winter hits!

spiced apple cider

hazelnut mocha

cinnamon bun latte

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