Switch up your drip coffee for an Americano!

Why would you sip a regular Blenz drip coffee if you knew you could have an Americano for the exact same price?

For the next six weeks, Americanos will be the price of drip coffee. SIX WEEKS. It’s a deal you won’t find anywhere else, not even if you tried. Plus, we use Competition Blend Espresso in our Americanos.

This stuff is full-bodied and smooth with a balanced flavour. Their espresso is what made us famous over 25 years ago!

Of course, brewed coffee is always fresh, but Blenz’ Americanos have a fresh taste you can’t beat. In fact, this is one of the freshest cups of caffeine paradise the essential coffee company offers to its customers.

So even if you’re one of those regular coffee drinkers, you finally have an added incentive to spend time with drip coffee’s richer, cooler cousin for the same price.


• Double Americano $2.25
• Triple Americano $2.45
• Quad Americano $2.75

The Americano is perfect for the start of the New Year with our resolutions in full swing. And that’s because they’re calorie free drinks that won’t break the bank – you’ll feel better about eating those eight loaves of grandma’s fruit cakes.

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