Premium, High Grade Ingredients

We care about what you drink, so we do our best to avoid artificial ingredients. Premium drinks should only be made from premium ingredients. Period.

We’re different than other coffee shops because we go to great lengths to bring in the best ingredients from around the world. We have organic whole-leaf teas from different corners of the globe, hot chocolate right from Belgium (no syrups or powders here!) and 100 % high grade Korean matcha green tea powder. You come to Blenz because we’re different: we actually use real ingredients.

But wait, there’s more. Quality ingredients go beyond just our drinks. We offer a delectable selection of baked goods and food that are made from premium ingredients, too.

Our extensive menu has everything from protein shakes to flavored lattes and other specialty drinks that you can only get from Blenz. We’re constantly innovating to provide you with beverages that you can’t find anywhere else.