If you haven’t checked out the newest Blenz store in the chain yet, the Blenz in False Creek is a must-see. False Creek is a beautiful up-and-coming neighbourhood with new condos and businesses in the area. Not to mention, it’s beside the breathtaking False Creek sea wall. There’s so much to do and see in False Creek, so make sure you visit False Creek Blenz when you’re in the area! Varinder and Bill Bapla are the lovely franchisees of False Creek Blenz. They truly are in the business because they love making customers’ days better. Not only is the False Creek Blenz atmosphere new and inviting, the franchisees and baristas are what make going to this Blenz an unforgettable experience. Most of the False Creek Blenz customers are loyal customers for a reason: the staff know their customers by name and they have impeccable customer service. Just sit in the store for a bit to see what we mean; the customers love Varinder and are excited to see her as soon as they walk in the store. Varinder is a social person and loves chatting with the customers that come into Blenz False Creek. She further explains, “I love seeing our customers walk out of Blenz with a smile. In return, it makes my day. I’m grateful for every person who walks in the door.” When you talk to the baristas and talk with Varinder, you can see their passion for what they do. The False Creek Blenz baristas are truly a Blenz family, and you can feel the positive energy of the store as soon as you walk in. Varinder explains the atmosphere of False Creek Blenz perfectly, “Coffee does more for me than I ever thought: it truly bonds you to people. And for that I am so thankful.” Come in to False Creek Blenz and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Can’t wait to see you there!