Live music at Meadowtown Centre Blenz

Blenz customers love coming to open mic nights each month at Meadowtown Centre Blenz. “At our open mic night in January, the place was packed, and there isn’t a seat to be found. We had 10 people show up to play, the artists brought their friends, and it was awesome,” says Drew Barnenes. Drew is a Blenz customer who started open mic night at Blenz.

The evenings are open to everyone and the admission is free.  Read more here.


November 16, 2015

Alouette Power and Sail Squadron

The Alouette Power and Sail Squadron has over 100 active members in our community, over 400 local boaters that we regularly communicate with and hundreds more that are connected to us via Facebook ( We are a completely volunteer organization that promotes boater safety and education within our community.

Over the past 2 years, we have provided many local businesses with free advertising in our regular newsletter as a token of our thanks for all of the wonderful support they have provided to our volunteer group. Our next newsletter will be sent out soon, and we were wondering if you had a specific advertisement that you would like for us to include. If you do, please reply back as soon as possible with the details and/or an attachment.

If you would like new or updated Power Squadron signage and/or our brochures to display at your business, please let me know. The cross-promotion efforts we have done with local businesses have been very successful for us, and are very much appreciated. We will do everything we can to return the favour.

Finally, the Alouette Power & Sail Squadron will be holding our annual Christmas Social & Diner on Friday December 11th. If your company would like to provide any door prizes or gifts, please let me know. We will be sure to let the crowd know how much we value your support!

Thanks again,

Richard Robinson
Cmdr, Alouette Squadron
604 761 3662

November 16, 2015

Blenz Coffee

Hi Alouette,

Please contact to discuss further!

Thanks so much,

Blenz Store Support Centre

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