Lemonade Chillos are here!

Introducing the best new summer drinks around town: Stone Fruit and Desert Pear Lemonade Chillos! Lemonade Chillos are handmade with refreshing lemonade, ice and sophisticated flavours: Stone Fruit and Desert Pear. Bring it on, heat wave!

What are stone fruits and desert pears you ask? Stone Fruit is a unique blend of cherry, peach and apricot and Desert Pear is a one-of-a kind blend of pear flavours. Its fruit features a bright fuchsia colour and a mild pear like flavour. These exotic and succulent flavours balance perfectly with the tartness of lemonade.

It gets even better, ’cause the Stone Fruit and Dessert Pear Lemonade Chillos have only 140 calories in a regular size.

When life gives you lemons, get a Lemonade Chillo 😉


Test your luck to win a free Lemonade Chillo!!



July 17, 2015

Cheryl-ann Paynr

I am hooked on the lemon one just love. Not too sweet n not to bitter. I love to relax at Blenz’s Maple Ridge. I like read the paper or crochet. I staff are always cheerful n very helpful to me with my walker, bringing my coffee or tea to my table. Maple Ridge Blenz’s is close by my home and i myst say is always kept clean.
Thank-you very much.

July 19, 2015

Tyler Jacobs

Stone fruit is refreshing , delicious and crunches your every thirst because the Thirst is Real!

July 19, 2015


sooo good

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