Introducing Blenz Coffee Hot Stops

UPDATE: Happy April Fools!

We all believe that coffee is one of our basic needs aside from water, shelter and clothing. And spending a hefty amount of money every week for a cup of coffee can be quite absurd. That’s why Blenz Coffee has decided to make coffee more accessible, unlimited, but most importantly, FREE for everyone to consume!

Introducing our new Blenz Coffee Hot Stops – the coffee fountain that will deliver your caffeine fix instantly. You can bring your mug, tumbler, a jug or even a barrel; Blenz is happy to serve you hot and fresh coffee all day, everyday.

We are launching Blenz Coffee Hot Stops at major parks, landmarks universities and SkyTrain stations on April 1, 2018.

Whether you need your morning fix or your evening wake-me-up, you’ll never have to feel desperate for a cup of coffee. Plus, we’ll even provide cream and sugar so you’ll get the complete Hot Stop experience. What more could you ask?

Blenz Coffee is proud to support and deliver the needs of its customers, one coffee fountain at a time.


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