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  1. Tea Lattes at Blenz

    Discover Blenz’s specialty Tea Latte line up. Whether you like it simple, floral or fruity, we offer something for everyone! At Blenz, all Tea Lattes are made with the finest ingredients by hand, and fresh for every order. We don’t cut corners, nor use any premixes or powders. Each tea latte is steeped perfectly and […]

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  2. Feeling Blue?

    Blenz Coffee is excited to announce the launch of the Blue Latte on February 13th. This month is known to be the gloomiest time of the year, and Blenz has the perfect solution to lift up your mood! … But how? The Blue Latte is made up of micro-milled Butterfly Pea Flower. It is known […]

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  3. Rise & Shine! We have a treat for you!

    Blenz has a treat for you! Enjoy an Americano for the price of Drip Coffee. Most of us dread coming back to work after a holiday so Blenz wants to make your day just a little more bearable. On the day after every long weekend, you can enjoy an Americano for a special price. All Americanos are for the price of Drip Coffee. […]

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  4. GRAND OPENING PARTY – Blenz in Metrotown at Metropolis

    We are opening a second Blenz Coffee in Metropopolis at Metrotown mall this Friday, November 9th, 2018! To celebrate our new store, we are having a grand opening party from 11 AM – 1 PM at our new location (located in the North part of the mall, across from Winners.) It’s not a Blenz opening […]

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  5. These 5 Beverages are a Must for The Long Weekend!

    There’s nothing better than spending an extra day of your weekend in the summer – and we know the perfect drinks that can satisfy your thirsty cravings! Nothing tastes like summer quite like an Iced Tea Lemonade does. Melon Berry is an all-time fave, as this will definitely satisfy your berry cravings. It’s made with […]

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  6. Monstera Sedici tumblers are here!

    Beat the summer heat and drink in style, the BLENZ Monstera Sedici tumbler has finally arrived, and they look great with your #OOTD! Perfect for chill beach days and patio nights, this double-walled and BPA free tumbler is made to keep your cold beverages cool. Available now in 16oz and is $13. We know you […]

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