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  1. Jamie & Jin, Blenz Ackroyd Plaza

    “Our favourite thing about owning a Blenz Coffee shop is that we can meet great people every day! It’s a fun and relaxed working environment where we can serve specialty drinks and talk to each customer. We have enjoyed the opportunity to set and work towards our business goals.”

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  2. Mike, Blenz Maple Ridge

    “The thing I love most about the Blenz brand is the quality. Customers love it. They come from miles away to get a quality drink they can’t find anywhere else. Our barista expertise and the level of service we provide help us stand out in the coffee industry.”

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  3. Aman & Amrit, Blenz Wesbrook Village

    “The innovation and creativity of Blenz products is what makes us unique. We serve the best quality drinks in the coffee industry. And we can get to know our customers on a personal level which creates a real sense of community in our store. People feel at home here, and that has made the experience […]

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