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  1. Elite Barista Team

    Our Elite Barista team is a special team of outstanding Blenz baristas. Elite Baristas are passionate about serving handmade specialty beverages and having fun with customers. They feel like coffee culture is part of their DNA. (They drink so much coffee that it just could be!) We recognize how important these baristas are to Blenz, […]

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  2. World Class Training

    We’re here to help you learn. If you don’t know much about coffee or latte art, don’t be intimidated! You don’t need prior experience; you just need the right attitude and the willingness to provide customer service that will leave your guests (and you) smiling afterwards. To help keep your skills sharp, we have latte […]

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  3. We Make Being At Work Feel Less Like Work

    Being a part of the Blenz team is definitely not a boring job. When you become a Blenz barista, you’re at the heart of the action and you’re a vital part of our team. Each shift, you’ll be educating customers about drinks and crafting specialty beverages, all while having fun with your latte art skills. […]

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  4. Work With Us

    If you are an upbeat person with a love for coffee, and if you want a job with a flexible schedule that you’ll enjoy working at, then becoming a Blenz barista sounds like it may be the perfect fit for you. Glad we found each other. Being a Blenz barista means you will be preparing […]

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