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  1. Beyond A Cup Of Coffee

    The Blenz model goes beyond creating great beverages and an environment that you feel relaxed in. We also understand the importance of giving back to our local community and charitable causes. Some of the charities that we support include the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Canadian Red Cross, among many others. We’ve also opened a new Blenz in […]

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  2. Premium, High Grade Ingredients

    We’re different than other coffee shops because we go to great lengths to bring in the best ingredients from around the world. You come to Blenz because we’re different: we actually use real ingredients.

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  3. Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy is simple: use premium ingredients in our beverages while striving to make each customer’s day better. We want to make sure that you leave the store in a happier mood than when you arrived. Each drink is made just for you. Our expert baristas individually prepare drinks with a personal touch, because we […]

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