Amy,  Blenz Crossroads (West Broadway and Cambie Street in Vancouver) franchisee, has been with Blenz for over six years, and boy, are we lucky to have her part of the Blenz Coffee chain. Amy and her staff have a radiant demeanor that is infectious – so much so that we are willing to bet that you will leave the store in a happier mood than when you arrived.

In fact, over half of the Blenz Crossroads customers are regulars. The baristas even know all of the regulars by name and drink preference! “They aren’t just customers. They are friends,” describes Amy. It’s truly a comforting feeling of home in the store. As for the staff, they all work hard and they love coming to work. Serving customers famous Blenz premium drinks with a smile is what the Blenz Crossroads staff does best. Amy explains further, “I’m very proud to sell what we sell. I’m not shy to sell quality.”

If that doesn’t sound inviting enough, the atmosphere is comfy with floor-to-ceiling windows that are perfect for meetings, studying and catching up with friends. Another place customers love to hang out is on the large Blenz patio, which is ideal for catching some rays and people watching on West Broadway during the warmer months (which are almost here)!

So, coffee date at Blenz Crossroads? Yepp. We’ll see you there!


August 16, 2016

Diane Hiltz

Hi Amy, I’m one of your regular customers and enjoy visiting your location. A couple of months ago you hired a young man with light coloured hair. I will admit I don’t like him (he just rubbed me the wrong way) it not important if he does a good job and other like him. This afternoon I came to the store to purchase a goody when I observed him washing his hands at the sink behind the food counter he used soap and rinsed his hands and then immediately ran them through his hair. When I asked him to wash his hands he contradicted me and said that although I didn’t see him he washed hands in the office area his response to my request was in a tone that was argumentative. As a member of the public it didn’t look very sanitary.

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