Blenz Whistler Wins Best Cafe in ServeUs Challenge!

Congratulations to Blenz Whistler and Blenz Whistler franchisee, Wendy, for receiving the top scores overall in the Winter ServeUs Challenge for best Cafe, Diners and Bars running January – March 2015!

The ServeUs Challenge is Whistler’s most comprehensive customer reviewing program. It focuses on rewarding employees and recognizing businesses that deliver extraordinary service.

We are also proud to say that Blenz Whistler also won Top Cafe in Whistler as reported on Trip Advisor!




May 08, 2015


Unbelievable! Each time I buy blenz coffee, it’s always too too too hot.

May 13, 2015

Blenz Coffee

Hi Grace,

We are sorry about that! Please email – we’d like to hear more about the situation so we can correct the problem.


August 01, 2016

Jeannette savard

You should change the opening hours on the door for the public. I arrived at blend at 12 minutes to 8 the staff person had already cashed out and told me blend was closed. The doors were open the sign indicated blend was open but the staff person couldn’t be bothered to serve me even though I arrived prior to closing. If your staff plan to close shop at 7:45 maybe it should be indicated on the door. I’m not going back there are many other coffee shops that treat their customers better.

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