celebrating three decades of serving the community

For thirty years, Blenz has been a part of an evergrowing community. We’ve seen you grow as much as we have. Through thick and thin, we persevered through tough times while you honour us with your patronage; our gratitude to you is impalpable.

That’s why on until the end of the year, we are gifting you all with a special treat. Times are tough, but we want to be there for you even more. The price may be a bit of a surprise, but the quality and taste remain true.

Starting October 10th 2022, all Blenz Coffee Beans are...



Our Signature Espresso, which is used in all of our Blenz locations. Balanced well with the sweetest of arabica beans and a very deep crema that stands out amongst the best.


Our dark roast that is perfect for the most daring of all coffee enthusiasts. Strong, rich, and mixed with a variety of tasting notes that will grab your attention.


The smoothest of them all—while also being the most noticeably nutty and decadent at the same time.


This may be medium, but this one will pack a punch. Wonderful hints of nuts and spice will surely perk the most daring of coffee enthusiasts.

LIFE’S LITTLE LUXURIES shouldn’t break your bank

Coffee beans available in-store and on the Blenz App