We all know that it takes time to discover your favourite coffee modification (e.g. medium half-sweet soy caramel latte with two splendas). After more than 22 years in the coffee industry, we’ve discovered a couple of drink modification gems. Naturally we had to share them with you: 

1) Love your regular latte but want to save calories? Try an americano misto! It has hot water, espresso and steamed milk (not all milk, like in a latte).

2) Trying to cut back on sweets? Ask for your drink to be made half sweet. The drink still tastes amazing! We have sugar-free vanilla, caramel and hazelnut syrup if you want to cut out sugar completely.

3) You can get any latte, americano or espresso made half-caf. We use one shot of caffeinated espresso and one shot decaffeinated espresso!

4) Have a internal debate every time you have to pick between a vanilla latte or a caramel latte? You can get creative and combine two of your favourite flavours!

5) Secret menu item: try a matcha white hot chocolate. ‘Nuff said.

6) No need to be shy! Love foam on your drink? Just ask your barista for more!

7) You don’t need to pick one or the other – you can combine any white, milk or dark chocolate in your hot chocolate!

8) Secret menu: you can have pretty much any drink made over ice. The possibilities are endless…

9) Add a flavour shot to any drink! Blenz has more than just caramel, vanilla, hazelnut syrup. Try an irish cream, peach, mango, lemon or strawberry flavour shot in your drink, too! (Psst… a hazelnut flavour shot in an Americano is amazing.)

10) If you’re not a big fan of soy milk, try substituting for almond milk! Blenz is one of the few stores that has almond milk for drinks. We have lots of different milk options, too: soy, 2%, whole, skim AND almond milk.

Are the wheels in your head spinning with ideas yet? Have a favourite drink modification that we missed? Tell us about it in the comments below!  


July 20, 2014


My favourite drink was always an iced matcha latte, with soy, half-sweet white chocolate, with one pump of coconut. Such a decadent treat!

September 11, 2014


I was wondering while I was at work last night and drinking my full sweet Matcha Latte. My sleeve said there is no sugar in Matcha. How do my full sweet or half sweet matcha latte, get that way?
I’m a security guard, I have all kinds of time to wonder things like that, btw:)

September 11, 2014


I never liked the taste of coffee until just a month or so ago. The coffee menus were confusing before I drank the stuff, but now that I want to try more coffee I find that I need some help. Thanks for the tips!

September 11, 2014


My favorite one is butter scotch flavor in my extra hot latte. Or dark mocha frappe but yogurt based! !!!

September 11, 2014


Just one of my favorite drinks at blenz is simpler, with a little change up, but awesome is half dark and half milk chocolate for cafe mocha or hot chocolate. Thanks Blenz.

September 11, 2014


Awesome tips!! I’m gonna try an amercano misto with hazelnut flavouring, when I’m in next! 🙂

September 14, 2014

Sharon Leung

I’d like the Matcha Latte with Almond milk, half sweet and hot! Love the texture of Matcha! Don’t like other, this Matcha is making real Matcha power, little pricy, but I like the way Naturally! Natural is always better! Also, this is good with MatchaChillo……Calories are little bit, because of ice cream, but u can order half sweet, and still taste good, also, Matcha is low fat drink, so, it helps cut down the calories! I love Matcha drink!!!
Oh wait…..I also love their Hot Belgium Dark Chocolate Mocha with no whipped, with Almond Milk! Cut down calories also. I will keep it up with Blenz Coffee!!

September 26, 2014


Did someone say butterscotch??? I’m heading to my local blenz this afternoon to check if they have that flavour!
My favourite drink is a decaf almond latte with honey in it. So deliciously made… and now I need to try it with a pump of butterscotch.

October 20, 2014

sarah mohommed

matcha on ice with a shot of mango. sweet and simple.

November 17, 2014


Erin! To answer your question… the matcha powder itself has no sweeteners, but when a matcha drink is made sweet or half-sweet, we’ve simply added liquid sugar to it! If you ask for a non-sweet matcha drink, we will no put any liquid sugar in it! Substituting the liquid sugar with our coconut flavour is pretty delicious, BTW :):)

November 18, 2014


Just had my first eggnog latte, let the season begin,
But please Xmas Muzak next week,
let’s EZ into to this this season of Jolly.

December 04, 2014


Thank you, thank you for offering almond milk! You win my gratitude forever for carrying it. Combine this with the best hot chocolate of any coffee franchise EVER, and it adds up to sweet perfection.

December 06, 2014


On your nutritional site, does this include the whipped cream on the dark chocolate mocha…love this drink!!
Also does the dark chocolate contain high fructose corn syrup..need to know!!

December 17, 2014

Blenz Coffee

Hi Shelley,

The drink nutrition for whipped cream is not added on.

And the dark hot chocolate is made from Belgian chocolate and does not contain high fructose corn syrup!

February 08, 2015


I am in love with your dark hot chocolate with almond milk no whip. I’m allergic to dairy and soy milk is just not very good in my opinion. I don’t live close to any blenz location but I will make a special trip just so I can get my fix.

Thanks for offering an alternative to the mainstream 🙂

February 17, 2015


I love your blenz dark hot chocolate with almond milk, but need to know is the dark chocolate you use vegan?

February 18, 2015

Blenz Coffee

Thank you! The dark chocolate ingredients: cocoa mass – sugar – emulsifier: soy lecithin and natural vanilla flavouring

March 30, 2015


we drink a coffee yesterday in Vancouver this is On of the best.we are living in Abbotsford B.C. Can you Tell us if you have coffee shop close to here

March 31, 2015

Blenz Coffee

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for saying so! We have Blenz locations in Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and White Rock. You can check out the closest Blenz stores to you at https://blenz.com/locations/

May 12, 2016


How can I find out more nutrition info? I like the medium almond milk latte, and am very careful of fats and sugars. I would like to experiment and make it even better, but don’t know the contents of your sweeteners or chocolates?

May 18, 2016

Blenz Coffee

Hi Amanda,

Our nutritional information is available under the About Us section of our website under nutrition info.


May 17, 2016


I usually drink the Matchachillo with no whipped cream at least 3 times per week.. They are so good! I am sure there are a lot of calories in a medium one.
The location I go to is West Pender and Burrard.

August 13, 2016


Hi there! I was wondering how many calories are in your almond milk latte! When I select almond milk for the nutritional info on the page, it doesn’t work and asks me to choose another milk. Thanks!

August 15, 2016


Hi Sarah,

There are 85 calories in a regular sized Blenz Almond Milk Latte. Thanks for letting us know as well, we will get that updated.

Thank you!

September 16, 2016


Absolutely LOVE your Dark Chocolate Mocha, Blendz website only shows nutrition info for 12 Oz. Dark Mocha (2%) but no other variation. Can you tell me the nutrition info of the 12 Oz Dark / Skim / Decafe / No Whip please? Thanks!

September 26, 2016


Hi Paul,

Sorry about that. Our regular sized dark mocha made with skim milk, decaf and with no whip is 240 calories. Hope that helps!

Thanks for asking!

Blenz Coffee

November 01, 2016


Hey there! Absolutely in love with your Belgian White Hot Chocolate. Honestly the best I’ve ever had, you guys really outdo yourself with that one! The nutrition info says it’s not available, so I was wondering what the calories for a 12 oz. skim, no whip white hot chocolate were.

Thanks so much!

November 02, 2016


Hi Rachel!

Great question, the Belgian White Hot Chocolate in a 12oz, made with skim milk and no whip is 380 calories.

Thanks for asking!

Blenz Coffee

January 02, 2017


I love your almond milk cappuccino. I would like to know how much sugar are there in a small almond milk cappuccino. Thanks.

January 03, 2017

Andrea Ng

Hi Jerry,

In a regular sized almond milk cappuccino there is 5 grams of sugar.

Thanks for asking!

Blenz Coffee

May 27, 2017


Does blenz have a regular iced coffee with shot of caramel??

May 29, 2017


Hi Jasmin, that’s a classic choice! Yes, you can always order an iced coffee and add a caramel flavour shot for 55 cents.

August 15, 2017

Remmy Tisdall

Blenz Coffee, what drink or flavor or combination with Matcha that gives you that umph

August 17, 2017


Hi Remmy, there are so many flavour combinations you can add to your matcha. For a classic matcha latte, you can add coconut or vanilla flavouring. You may also substitute to our dairy-free options, Coconut milk or Almond milk, to give that extra umph guilt free 🙂

January 03, 2018


What are your vegan drink/ food options?
This means no animal by products including dairy honey egg shellac etc

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