Six SWEET Blenz Facts!

Bet ya didn’t know these Blenz facts…

1) Our first store was on Robson and Bute in Vancouver! Since then, we have 62 locations all over British Columbia. Can you tell we love B.C.?

2) Other than B.C., we also have Blenz locations in Korea and the Philippines!

3) We have rights to the name “matcha latte” because it’s whisked with 100% matcha!

4) You know our lattes are real because we can make latte art on them. Good rule of thumb: if you can’t get latte art on your latte, it’s not a real latte.

5) Most people don’t know that our teas are organic!

6) We’re one of the few coffee shops that supplies almond milk for drinks (it’s healthy and dairy-free) AND we have coconut water!

Are you as surprised about these facts as the coffee cup is?!


September 30, 2015


Hey – quick question: which process is Blenz using for their decaf? Swiss method or methylene chloride ?
Thanks kindly.

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