How would you rate your matcha knowledge?

We’re confident that our Matcha is one of the best around. Why? Because it’s 100% Matcha, and not everyone can say that.

Did you know that matcha varies in quality grade, and many matcha products in the market use fillers like low-grade green tea, emulsifiers, and sugar? At Blenz, we use high-grade 100% matcha because we know our customers deserve the best.

It’s worth checking what’s in your matcha because you could be missing out on some of the amazing benefits it has to offer. Drinking high-quality matcha is associated with:

• A strong caffeine boost without an energy crash or jitters
• 10X the antioxidants than a cup of green tea
• The ability to aid in increasing the metabolism and lowering blood pressure
• Increased concentration.

Enjoy these benefits by sipping on a Matcha Latte, or shooting back a Double Matcha Shot.

Matcha Mondays are now being celebrated every Monday at Blenz with special reduced pricing. All medium Matcha Lattes will be $4, and Double Matcha Shots $2. Match Mondays are the perfect time to try adding a Matcha to your routine or meet up with a friend for an afternoon boost!

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